Defender ring lock ART2 black/white

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Artikelnummer: 330348
Leverantör: AXA
Axa Defender ring lock The AXA Defender is a strong ring lock with a steel case in a plastic housing. The lock bar is made of hardened steel and is 8.5 mm thick. The ring lock has an extra wide opening of 58 mm, so he is also suitable for bikes with wide tires. The AXA Defender can be mounted in different ways. By default, it is mounted with the flexible mounting set (not included) that can be applied to any kind of frame tube. Specifications: Quality mark: ART-2 Plug-in possibility: yes Width of opening: 50 mm Weight: approx. 740 grams Colour: black Material inner workings: steel Material casing: plastic Fastening: on frame Content: 1 Ring lock 2 Keys