disc brake set SLX BL-M71002-finger left rear

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Artikelnummer: 304969
Leverantör: Shimano
Shimano SLX M7100 disc brake set The adjustable position of the SLX BL-M7100lever ensures smooth, consistent and predictable operation of the hydraulic disc brake system. The Servo Wave mechanism ensures a short stroke with faster engagement so that the braking force can be well dosed. Enjoy superior braking performance regardless of driving position. Equipped with a very powerful caliper with ceramic pistons and G02S Resin brake pads. Specifications: Colour: black Material holder: aluminium Handle material: aluminium Braking system: disc brake (hydraulic) Type of bike: MTB Lever position: left Brake position: rear Model: 2-finger Suitable for: I-Spec Brake hose: ShimanoBH-90 Group: SLX M7100 Cable length: 1000 mm