Excellent 28 Inch 51 cm Women 8SP Hydraulic Disc Brake Matte black/Blue

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Artikelnummer: 977927
Leverantör: Vogue
Vogue Excellent electric bicycle for women The Vogue Excellent is a new model e-bike with an aluminum frame. The position of the engine is in the middle of the bottom bracket, so from the moment you start riding you immediately experience the desired pedal support. With a suspension fork and seat post you are always comfortable on the road. The maximum speed around the Vogue Excellent is 25 km/h, and you use Shimano Nexus 8 gears. The digital LCD color screen with 5 levels helps you to choose support, and it is easy to operate. The double-walled aluminum of the rims ensures that they wear less quickly. General specifications: Frame color: matte black, blue Gender: women Bike type: electric bicycle Material frame: aluminium Material rim: aluminium (double walled) Material carriers: aluminium Type of drive: chain Wheel size: 28 inch Frame size: 51 cm Stem: adjustable Seat post adjustable: yes Front fork suspension: yes Weight: 23,9 kg Tire Specifications: Type of tires: Continental Color tires: black Material tires: rubber Gear specifications: Gears: 8 (Shimano Nexus) Gear shift type: hub gear Support: 5 positions Drive specifications: Battery position: integrated in frame Engine position: middle Battery type: 36 Volt, 14.5 Ampere (522 Watt) Lithium-Ion battery (Samsung) Motor technology: Bafang M200 (250 Watt) Removable battery: yes Lockable battery: yes Range: 70 to 120 km Max. speed: 25 km/h Display specifications: Type of display: LCD Detachable display: no Position display: center Control position: left Display control: yes Specifications brakes: Front brake type: hydraulic disc brakes (Shimano) Rear brake type: hydraulic disc brakes (Shimano) Specifications lighting: Front lighting: via bicycle battery (led) Lighting rear: bicycle battery (led) Specifications accessories: Bike stand: single, side stand Pedals: anti-slip Chain guard: closed Mudguards: yes Saddle: Velo (black) Luggage carrier: yes Lock: AXA Defender ring lock with cable (ART approval)