Head Pico 30-T Switch On / Off LED Dynamo Black

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Artikelnummer: 96941
Leverantör: AXA
Axa Pico 30-T Switch Headlight The AXA Pico30-T is a mini power pack with a light output of 30 lux. The compact and slim design is an asset on sporty bikes. The Pico30-T offers an integrated retro-reflector and daytime running light. Both features are specifically designed to increase your safety by making you more visible to oncoming traffic, not only in the evening, but also during the day. The robust stainless steel bracket is suitable for any road type, but can also be replaced by a semi-integration bracket with the most common forks. - LED front light - Works on a dynamo - Including cables - Provides a strong beam of light: 60 metres 'seeing' and 3500 metres 'being seen' - With ergonomic on/off switch - Daytime running lights; 30 lux main beam in the evening, 10 lux main beam + 2 extra bright safety LEDs in the daytime - Integrated retro-reflector for passive safety - Clear lens technology; you are also visible from the side for other traffic - Suitable for use with 6V e-bike battery - High power 30 lux LED lamp, more than 50,000 hours service life - Optimal light distribution through special lens technology - Compact, sporty design - Stainless steel bracket, suitable for all road types - Suitable for use with flank dynamo or hub dynamo - Other mounting brackets for semi-integration available Housing material: Plastic Mounting bracket material: Steel Lamp size: 60 x 35 mm Illuminance: 30 lux Color: Black German quality mark: K905 French quality mark: TPLBi 12079