headlight EL6C Echo LED 15 Lux car alternator black

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Axa Echo 15 lux headlight The AXA Echo15 is a universally applicable alternator headlight with a surprisingly high light output of no less than 15 lux. The Echo15 offers an integrated retro-reflector and optimal light distribution. Both functions are specially designed to increase your safety by making you more visible to oncoming traffic and having a good view of the road in front of your bike. The position light function ensures that you remain clearly visible to other traffic even when stationary The robust stainless steel bracket is suitable for all road types, but can also be replaced by a semi-integration bracket with the most common forks Specifications Color: black Type of lighting: led Operates on (hub)dynamo Housing material: plastic Mounting bracket material: stainless steel Lamp size: 75 x 45 mm Illuminance: 15 lux German quality mark: K956 Franks quality mark: TPLBi 12154 Equipped with on/off switch Parking light: yes, your light stays on for 4 minutes while you are standing still.