headlight Lumotec IQ Avy DC LED black 9 x 5 x 4 cm

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Artikelnummer: 144746
Leverantör: Busch + Müller
Busch & Muller headlight Lumotec IQ Avy DC This headlight connect you to the battery of your electric bike! The headlight has a 40 lux LED lamp. The daytime running lights are also more visible when riding during the day. specifications: Colour Black Housing material: plastic Bracket material: Steel Size: 5 x 3 x 4 cm (L x W x H) Weight: 80 grams Only suitable for electric bicycles. Fit to a 6V battery to 42 V. Content: 1 LED Headlamp (40 lux) 1 Front Reflector 6V socket for the rear light.