holland relaxed saddle 250 x 219 mm unisex black

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Artikelnummer: 279568
Leverantör: Selle Royal
Selle Royal Holland saddle The Selle Royal Holland saddle is a saddle that is based on the classic, Dutch saddle shape and is ideally suited for bicycles in a straight sitting position. The saddle has an extra layer of royal gel, which ensures maximum comfort and up to 40 percent less pressure at the pressure points. The saddle also has a spring system that improves shock absorption and the classic model has a steel emblem on the back. The unique traditional shape, chrome plated springs and other details are an embellishment for every bike. Specifications: Color: black Gender: unisex Bike type: city bike Upper side material: synthetic Material filling: gel Material rails: steel Dimensions: 250 x 219 mm (L x W) Weight: 794 grams Comes without saddle strap