Infinity 28 Inch 48 cm Women 8SP Roller brakes Matte black

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Leverantör: Vogue
The Vogue Infinity e-bike with low entry is sporty, stylish and delivers the highest performance. The electric bike with center drive is equipped with five assistance levels, gears (Shimano Nexus 8) and low maintenance Shimano Rollerbrake. Transportation to school, the sports club or a day out is all possible with a range of up to 120 kilometers. So you see, this matte black 28 inch ladies bike (with a frame size of 48 centimeters) was developed with many quality features, resulting in endless cycling fun! The plus points at a glance: [Low maintenance hub gear Shimano Nexus 8 [High comfort through suspension fork and seat post [+] Eight gears [Powerful 468 Wh battery [Luxury LCD screen for optimal control [Robust Shimano Rollerbrakes [Range from 70-120 km The right support Do you never want to be bothered by the wind on your way to work? The Vogue Infinity defies all circumstances to get you to your destination quickly. The Bafang M300 (80NM) mid-motor and the powerful battery with 468 Wh make this a reality. The rotation sensor in the motor reacts when the wheels start to rotate and gives the right support (up to 25km/h) based on the speed of rotation. You can regulate this energetic support yourself with the five support levels via the luxurious LCD display. The display has a handy USB input, so you can charge your smartphone on the go. Optimization To optimize all this powerful support, the Vogue Infinity is equipped with Shimano Nexus 8 hub gears. But also the right balance is important. The motor is located in the middle of the bike, because the center of gravity is in the middle, the bike is better balanced. And finally, safety. The AXA ring lock with plug-in facility ensures that you can easily lock the bike. Combine the ring lock with a padlock to optimally secure your bike. Choose comfort! The Vogue Infinity e-bike is made of aluminum and therefore lightweight (23.9 kg). The bike has a high riding comfort due to the suspension seat post and integrated suspension fork, even on uneven surfaces. The stem can be adjusted to your needs, allowing you to find the right position on the bike. With the low-maintenance Shimano Rollerbrake you also have the speed and braking fully under control Good result Go for a stylish sporty e-bike, like the Infinity from Vogue. The 28 inch matte black city bike meets all your expectations and guides you to your destination with the best support. For optimum top condition, it is important that you keep electric bikes well maintained and store them indoors when not in use. So you can enjoy this Infinity for years without any worries! General specifications: Color: matt black Color name: Matt-Black Gender: ladies Material frame: aluminium Material rim: aluminium (double-walled 700C) Material dress guards: plastic Type saddle: Velo Type of tires: Continental Wheel size: 28 inch Frame size: 48 cm Stem: adjustable Seat post adjustable: yes Front fork suspension: yes (integrated) Maximum load capacity: 120 kg Weight: approx. 23,9 kg Gear specifications: Gears: 8 (Shimano Nexus Speed) Gear shift type: hub gear Drive specifications: Battery position: integrated in carrier Battery type: 36V 13 Ah / 468wh, Lithium Ion Removable battery: yes Drive position: center Engine type: Bafang MDS M300 (80NM), central motor (250W) Sensor type: speed (rotation sensor) Range: 70 - 120 km Max. speed: 25 km/h Display specifications: Display type: LCD, digital color screen with usb charger Display control: yes Number of assistance levels: 5 Specifications brakes: Front type: Rollerbrake (Shimano) Rear brake type: Rollerbrake (Shimano) Lighting Specifications: Front lighting: Automatic led, battery powered Rear light: Automatic led, integrated into the battery Specifications accessories: Bicycle stand: yes, single stand Chain guard: closed Jasper protectors: yes Luggage carrier: yes Quick-release straps: yes Bicycle bell: yes Lock: yes, ring lock with insertion possibility (AXA Defender)