inlay soles universal blue size 40

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Shimano universal insoles These spare insoles are suitable for Shimanocycling shoes. They are firm and breathe well. The EVA-cast support structure and arch support provide comfort when cycling. Specifications: Colour: blue Material: EVA Gender: men Size: 40 Suitable for Shimanocycling shoes: SH-R087/ R086/ R077/ R076/ R064/ R063/ RW80/ TR71/ TR70/ TR52/ TR51/ TR31/ RT82/ RT81/ RT52/ RT32/ RT31/ M230/ M183/ M183N/ XC50/ XC50N/ XC30/ M088/ M087/ M086/ M077/ M076/ M064/ M063/ MW81/ MW80/ AM41/ AM40/ AM31/ MP90/ MT91/ MT71/ MT60/ MT53/ MT52/ MT43/ MT42/MT33/ MT32/ MT23/ MT22/ FN23