Luggage rack universal adapter silver

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Artikelnummer: 4141
Leverantör: Steco
Steco rack adapter universal The purchased bike seat does not fit on the luggage rack of your bike! What now? The Universal Adapter Steco has the solution! By first mounting the Universal Adapter on the luggage carrier, there is a Niewe base for the mounting of almost all brands of child seats (GMG Classic, GMG Yepp, toddler, Poli sports etc.). This product is not intended for bicycle seats, but also for the Steco Baby-Mee-Mee Bike and Buggy de Luxe. With the four terminals can Steco adapter can be clamped on to your luggage carrier. These are in the width-adjustable from a minimum of 55 mm to a maximum of 110 mm. It comes standard with a safety belt universal adapter, which must be attached to the seat post. In the case of electric bikes, we recommend to take into account a possible battery so that the terminals can not be mounted. specifications: Color: Silver With clear instructions. Dimensions: 33 x 16.5 x 5 cm (LxWxH) Tube diameter: 12.2 mm Material: Steel The distance between the two strips: 100 mm Content: 1x universal design support incl. Safety belt 4x lock bolt 4x protection sticker 4x clamp 4x nut