Maze Junior Foot brakes Red

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AMIGO Maze stunt scooter Looking for a stunt scooter for beginners? Say less, the AMIGO Maze is what you are looking for! The scooter is designed with durable and strong materials so that you can perform cool stunts and jumps. Available in various bright colors. Practice the coolest tricks with the AMIGO Maze scooter! The Perfect Scooter for You The AMIGO Maze is perfect for cool jumps and stunts. The deck has a grip tape so that you won’t slip off - you can do whatever stunt you want. High-quality materials such as PU wheels and ABEC 7 bearing have not only reduced the weight of the scooter, but also ensure better handling. It's perfect for kids to enjoy a smooth, quiet and confident ride. Footbrake With the footbrake on the back of the scooter, you can slow your speed and avoid potentially dangerous situations. Gently press your foot down as you lean back and you will come to a safe stop. It is not only safe, but you can also do cool tricks such as wheelies with the foot brake! The Right Scooter for You Are you looking for a safe and stunning scooter? Then the AMIGO Stunt Scooter is the ideal bike for you! The colored scooter not only looks good, but it is also handy, sturdy, and safe. What else do you want? AMIGO At AMIGO we have a buddy for anyone! The scooter is crafted through a Dutch design for a welcoming price. Children take their first little trips through the streets with these cheerful scooters. The scooter is made of sturdy materials and is available in numerous colors. Will AMIGO be your next best friend? Specifications: Colour: red Frame material: aluminium, steel Material deck: aluminium Material grips: rubber Material wheels: polyurethane (PU) Handlebar width: 44 cm Wheels: 100 x 24 mm Hardness: 82A Bearings: ABEC-7 bearings Brake: foot brake Height from deck: 74 cm Total height: 80 cm Weight scooter: 2,85 kg Max. weight: 100 kg Standard: EN14619