Mudguards Longboard Plastic 28 Inch Black

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SKS Longboard fender kit Long, longer, longboard. The SKS fenders Longboard with extra long spoilers are the perfect companion in all weather conditions. These glossy fenders are the longest fenders available on the market! Thanks to the highly flexible sandwich construction, in which slim aluminium strips are embedded in a plastic covering, the mudguards are extremely robust, resistant to bending and corrosion. The Secu-Clip safety system also ensures that if a branch gets between the spokes, the mudguard bars disengage and the wheel does not lock. Supplied with stainless steel mudguard bars and fixed bridge, mounting material and a striping. Specifications: Material: plastic Wheel size: 28 inch Wheel width: 20-28 mm Front length: 96 cm Length rear: 130 cm Width: 35 mm Weight: 630 grammes Colour: black (shiny) With attachment material