repair kit Tubeless7-piece

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Artikelnummer: 304599
Leverantör: Simson
Simson Tubeless repair kit With the Simson Tubelessrepair kit you can easily repair a hole or puncture in your tubeless tire. Due to the special blue solution, the very strong plaster easily vulcanises with the tire. The specially reinforced tyre patches ensure a permanent repair of the tyre and prevent further tearing and damage to the tyre. The set comes with a tube of Remaxx mounting fluid. By lubricating the bead of the tyre with this liquid, you can easily mount the tyre. The liquid disappears automatically and leaves no residue Specifications: Colour: red/white Material: plastic Type of tyre: tubeless Capacity: 3 repairs Content: 1 Storage box 3 tyre Tubelesspatches (27 mm) 1 Tube blue solution (4 g) 1 Tube Remaxx mounting fluid (5 g) 1 Sheet of sandpaper 1 Manual