Ring lock Solid top bolt fixing ART-2 black

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Artikelnummer: 8149
Leverantör: AXA
AXA Ring lock Solid With the Axa Solidring lock you can secure your bike against theft. It Solidis a high quality frame lock with an extra wide opening to fit wide fenders or balloon tires. The Solidring lock offers optimal security due to the anti drill cylinder and the hardened steel bracket It AXA Solidcan be mounted in different ways. The lock can be mounted on the mudguard or with slotparkers or the AXAFlex mount to the frame of the bike. Confirmation is not included Specifications: Quality mark: ART-2 Plug-in possibility: no Opening width: 58 mm Weight: 630 grams Colour: black Material inside: steel Housing material: plastic Mounting: mudguard or frame (not included) Content: 1 Ring lock 2 Keys