Ringlock Victory ART-2 black with gray stripe

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Artikelnummer: 82566
Leverantör: AXA
AXA ring lock Victory black with grey stripe With the Axa Victory Ring lock you can secure your bike against theft. This frame lock is the first fully welded ring lock in the world. The lock has a modern design and is ergonomically designed. The lock is resistant to sawing, cutting, breaking, picking and peeling. The slot has therefore been approved ART-2. In addition, the lock has an extra hardened bracket, improved cylinder housing and stronger plug-in lock. This lock can be attached to the thread in the frame and is therefore supplied without mounting material. To mount the lock you need two M-5 bolts. The lock has the possibility of plug-ins with a weighted steel plug of 10 mm, such as the -plug AXAchain RLC100 and RLC140. Specifications: Hallmark: ART-2 Plug-in possibility: yes Opening width: 56 mm Weight: 650 grams Color: black, grey stripe Material inside: steel Housing material: plastic Mounting: on frame Suppliers supply: bulk packaging Content: 1 Ring lock 2 Keys