steering mirror left Excellentanti-reflective

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Artikelnummer: 345612
Leverantör: Simson
Simson steering mirror left Excellent This steering mirror Simsonis very strong. Because of its modern look, it doesn't look out of place on any bike or e-bike. The lens Excellentis made of very strong safety glass. The glass has an anti-reflective blue coating so that even when the sun is shining brightly, there is always good visibility in the mirror. The arm is made of fibre-reinforced nylon and the handlebar clamp is made of aluminium. This is also the reason why the mirror is so lightweight and durable. The mirror is adjustable in length and angle and can also be folded when the bike is stored. Specifications: Colour: black Material: glass, nylon, aluminium Length of mirror glass: 12 cm Clamping diameter: 22.2 mm