Training wheels Set For Adults Black

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In the development of each new bicycle, long-term cycling pleasure is central. However, there are situations where a standard model no longer suits your personal situation. That is why there is this additional set of wheels. The wheels can be mounted on practically any bicycle and provide extra stability when needed. The solution to remain mobile for a long period of time! Note: cycling on a bicycle with training wheels may seem simple. It is, but it takes some getting used to. It is therefore recommended that you first practice cycling away, standing still and turning corners in a quiet environment before taking part in traffic with the training wheels. The training wheels stick out about 40 cm. Attachment: Provided the rear fork is easily accessible, it takes about an hour. If this is not the case, the training wheels must be mounted through the chain guard. The sidewheels are attached to the chainstay with brackets. The support to prevent tipping over can be achieved with a bar by attaching it to the frame, directly or with an angle. Specifications: - Set is including different mounting brackets - Set is including manual (NL) for assembly - 2x air tires - Maximum air pressure: 35 PSI / 2.5 bar - ETRTO size wheels: 57-203 - Inch size wheels: 12 1/2 x 2 1/4" - Weight: 4 kg - Color: black